10 x Labels at MINT


10 x Labels at MINT

Hurrah, MINT celebrates its tenth birthday! On 24 and 25 January 2016, the sustainable tradeshow-event returns to Modefabriek to bring us the best in forward fashion. MINT connects brands with buyers, press and other fashion influencers. Because it’s an invite-only kind of thing, we’ll introduce you to 10 labels that are represented at MINT. Labels that the world has got to meet.

In 2013 Afriek launched their first blazer collection through a crowdfunding campaign. Since that moment Afriek’s menswear line grew massively, selling their collections in stores and online shops. The positive prints and vibes made so many women jealous (guilty) that Afriek teamed up with Lisa Konno (more about her later) to co-create a collection that makes all XX chromosomes go nuts.


Anne Gorke
ANNE GORKE's designs are all about architectural lines. Doh, the gal is from Weimark, the cradle of Bauhaus. Germany is also where ANNE GORKE’s designs are made from head to toe, which we totally dig. What we also dig is that her collection dedicated to endangered species. We mean, how cool is this dress?!


Atelier Sukha
Atelier Sukha knits, sews and crochets blankets, cushions and accessories in Nepal and India. Over there, only topnotch natural materials as wool, linen and cotton are used. Sukha not only takes care about the environment, also about the local economy, as they guide the makers in their workshops. Something we could’ve known, since Sukha means ‘joy of life’ in Sanskrit.


Seven years ago, when socks were as grey as the weather, Effio started to bright up the days with SOCKS. In their production process, Effio doesn’t drop any stitches. The cotton thread is free of harmful toxins, the packaging is made of recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. Oh man, just look at these socks. Chequered, striped, dotted. These are socks that rock!


Granny’s Finest
Who can take better care of you than nana? This must have been the idea behind Granny’s Finest: a label that lets young designers join forces with grandmothers in order to create the most gorgeous winter accessories. This way they closely knit together old fashioned reliability & modern trends, whilst making sure winter doesn’t take you by the throat.


LENA Library
LENA, the Clothing Library, is the place to be for the greatest of great outfits. In their store in the Westerstraat in Amsterdam they’ll hook you up with second hand designer pieces, but also with brand-new items from sustainable brands. Over at MINT, LENA will be present with a photo booth, capturing all visitors with inspirational quotes, adding another great collection to their archives.


Lisa Konno
She already blew us away during the presentation of her newest collection Yours Truly a couple of days ago, but there’s more to expect from Lisa Konno at FashionWeek Amsterdam. At MINT, Lisa will show recycling actually is fashionable. In a vibrant and optimistic way, she brings back the value of clothing by connecting people with the production of their wardrobe.


ReWrap designs bags and sleeves that take good care of laptops, phones and personal belongings. But actually, their products take good care of about anything. You see, their products are made from 100% natural materials. The Tree Bag for example, is made out of coconut fibres, natural rubber and walnut wood. When you’re done using it, you simply give it back to nature.


Ready for something fresh? Do your laundry with Seepje! That means you’ll wash with ‘peels’. What!? To be more precise, the peels of the Sapindus Mukorossi fruit. The fruit grows in Nepal, where people know for years that it’s best to wash with the power of nature. Just give it a try. And leave all stinky businesses behind.


Swedish Stockings
Making your outfit party proof can be as easy as choosing the right stockings. Swedish Stockings complete any outfit and are made of recycled yarn. Which is quite important. Normally, stockings are made of petroleum and non-degradable materials, so thank God some Vikings came up with these recycled babies. Our favourite? The Filippa Dots.