5 bike brands


5 bike brands

Fixie fanatics. Bike bro’s. Cycle chicks. This post is for you. We looked for the most awesome, most sustainable bike brands out there. Don’t spin your wheels. Check ‘m out.

Honk, honk! Make room for Roetz-Bikes. These bikes are fabuloso; lovingly put together using classic frames from discarded bikes, wooden mudguards and cork hand grips. Of course all natural and FSC certified. Not only the materials are totally okay, so are the people who put them together. By teaming up with social working organisations, Roetz supports people who are returning to a working environment.


The brand we all know from their 100% natural sleeping products, is now aiming to improve our lives during daytime too. The minimalistic COCO-MAT WOODEN BIKE is almost entirely made out of oak trees from Greece. For every bike sold, a tree will be planted in front of their HQ, plus 150 euro will be donated to the Johan Cruijff Foundation. Nice, COCO-MAT! Now we’re sure we’ll sleep like roses.


Cardboard Technologies
Your next bike could be made out of… cardboard. Inventor Izhar Garni from Cardboard Technologies spent three years of his life strengthening this raw material. Once the bike is folded and cut from cardboard, it is dipped into a proprietary organic solution to make it strong, waterproof and FIREPROOF YO. Also, the tires are made from recycled rubber and melted plastic bottles were used for the pedals, handlebars and brakes.


Willems Vintage Bikes
Maybe the most sustainable bike is a used bike. And the greatest secondhand frames can be found at Willems Vintage Bikes. The fifteen year old Willem might be one of the youngest and coolest entrepreneurs of our country. He collects, repairs and cleans vintage racing, tour and sport bikes from France, Belgium and The Netherlands. Willems Vintage Bikes are for sale in his workshop in Amsterdam.


In De Hallen Amsterdam, next to our friends Charlie+Mary, we find the workshop of RECYCLE. This bike and workshop repairs and sells new and vintage bikes. Next to bringing you a whole lot of cool frames, RECYCLE also offers jobs to people who have been struggling with some psychiatric problems. A bike shop close to our hearts.