Clean the ocean with your bikini


Clean the ocean with your bikini

Let’s dive into one of the coolest innovations on the webs: a super-absorbent bikini that cleanses the plastic soups. The Sponge Suit is a 3D-printed bikini, packed with pollutant-absorbing technology. Yasss, going for a swim can do A LOT for our waterways.

The Sponge Suit is made of a super-hydrophobic carbon-based material. This lightweight materials absorbs up top 25 times its own weight. And while doing this, the suit locks aways these pollutants, making it totally safe for you to wear. All dirty stuff will be only released when heated over 1000 degrees, and there ain’t no holiday destination THAT HOT.

Speaking of hot, we think the design of this bikini is pretty sexy. We wouldn’t mind having a suit like this in our suitcase this summer. Or: next summer. The Sponge Suit is still a prototype but will be for sale in the next few years, making it possible for you to save the world swimming.

Sort of.


Illustration: Martina Paukova