Share a meal with a refugee


Share a meal with a refugee

High fives all around, the Youth Food Movement is hosting dinners together with refugees. During the dinners, we get to know these new citizens better, just like their culture. Because let’s face it, food is at the base of every culture. Food connects. Food can do anything. Let’s eat!

For two months, YFM is organizing dinners though the whole country. There’ll be small home gatherings, as well as dinners in restaurants. The first dinners will be this Monday, 18 January 2016 in Rotterdam, Boxtel and Amsterdam.

The dinner in Amsterdam will be held in Merkelbach, one of our favourite organic restaurants. Chef Geert Burema will team up with Kamal, who fled from Syria. Together they’ll present the best from Merkelbach and Syria, whilst guests can share meals and stories.

A great initiative if you ask us. We think it’s amazing to raise awareness for refugees in such a positive and optimistic manner. Sharing a meal might be the most easy and friendly way to all come together.

Check out YFM’s website for all dates and locations.

Illustration: Benjamin Flouw