5 tips to take care of what you wear


5 tips to take care of what you wear

It's January so new year's resolutions are STILL ALLOWED. How about taking better care of your wardrobe this year? With these tips by Charlie + Mary you'll totally live up to your promise.

1. Re-discover your closet
First thing to do is to clean up your closet. You'll be surprised of the items you have forgotten about; items that are still great! At the same time you'll have to say goodbye to all clothing you won't be wearing anymore. Bring them to a secondhand shop or sell them online. Now you have more space in your closet, let's make a list of the key items you're missing.

2. Shop less, but better
Nope, this tip isn't about spoiling all the shopping fun but it's about shopping in a better way. Identify your style and search for pieces which suit this style and compliment the pieces in your wardrobe.

3. Dress up more
How nice is it to really make an effort when you go out for dinner or to a party? But also for a day at the office, we all feel better when we look nice. Putting a bit more effort in your every day look might just translate in a more successful day at work.

4. Borrow
If you feel like trying something new, or if you're looking for an extraordinary party outfit, visit LENA the fashion library. In this library you have access to a high quality collection of the finest vintage, upcoming designers and eco labels, which you can swap whenever you like.

5. Buy the brands you like and want to support
Discover which brands you want to identify yourself with and feel comfortable wearing them. Shopping isn't only about what you wear, also about where it came from. Buy as fair and sustainable as possible and BE PROUD.