Book tip: How to Be Alive


Book tip: How to Be Alive

Remember Colin Beavan? The activist and author of No Impact Man just released a new book: How to Be Alive: A Guide to the Kind of Happiness That Helps the World. NOW THAT’S A TITLE. In this book self-help turns into helping the world and then turns back into helping yourself to find a better life. Promising huh?

Not so long ago, we used to believe one could achieve a successful life by following this path: college, career, house, marriage, kids AND A GOLDEN RETRIEVER PUPPY. But! Issues like the global unrest, a chronically ailing economy and climate change make our search for a satisfying life a whole lot more challenging. And according to Beavan, also much more exciting.


His guide supports you to create your very own version of The Good Life. Next to a very popular song by Sacha Distel,The Good Life is a life where feeling good and doing good intersect. You’ll experiment with life choices that are truer to your values, passions and concerns. Like: how do you make your choices really matter from your clothing to your career? Good one, Colin!

It’s about time we stop holding back our potential impact. And to surround ourselves with people who will cheer for us during our quest for a good life - pardon - The Good Life. We might find ourselves living The Best Life there is.