Let's go to Ljubljana


Let's go to Ljubljana

In January we find ourselves dreaming about holiday destinations most of the time. A city that’s definitely on our list is Ljubljana, winner of the European Green Capital 2016. This city in Slovenia raises environmental awareness amongst its citizens and has made the largest number of climate friendly changes in the shortest period of time. Hello mayor of Amsterdam, you reading this?

Ljubljana has a whole lot of sustainable mobility solutions. In 2012, they closed the city centre for motorized vehicles. Instead, people hop on bikes. All cyclists can enjoy the free Bicike bike sharing network. Also, electric powered vehicles (called Kavalir) can be hailed for a free ride.

The city is also home to 161 bird species, 86 of them are in danger. We can imagine these birds make themselves comfy in one of Ljubljana’s preserved green spaces. There are four nature parks, one of them is the Ljubljana Moors Nature Park, UNESCO World Heritage and one of the new remaining ecosystems of its kind in Europe.

Ljubljana Moors Nature Park.jpg

Even though the Green Capital award is already theirs, Ljubljana still is super ambitious. By 2020 the city plans to reduce CO emissions by 30%. Uhuh, this city is truly setting Europe’s new standards here. Okay, who’s planning a trip?!