Cheers to the new year


Cheers to the new year

Happy 2016! We thought you could use some design porn and H2O today, so let’s toast to the new year with the world’s first bamboo filtered water bottle. This well designed bottle by BU keeps you hydrated wherever you go (as if you’re leaving the couch today) without costing the planet.

The bottle has a 100% natural lid and filter and is made from BPA and BPS free tritan, a shatter resistant, lightweight and dishwasher safe alternative to glass. For its filter, Bu uses a traditional Japanese method to transform bamboo into activated charcoal. Once you’ve finished using the filter it can even be buried in your garden, releasing nutrients into the soil, FEEDING plants.

BU Water can be pre-ordered now. It’s a great gift to your liver (as well as your other vital organs) to start the year with. May we all take care of ourselves and our surroundings in 2016.