8 x Winter accessories


8 x Winter accessories

Game of Thrones fans unite: winter is coming. Hopefully. Yep, it might not actually look like winter yet, but it’s good to be prepared. So brace yourselves: here’s a list of labels with winter accessories that are made in a very cool way. Or should we say; in a heartwarming way? Oh well. Go get them before winter turns against us.

Dutch woolen blankets, vintage curtains… WINTERVACHT designs clothing and accessories from secondhand materials. Materials that have proven and kept their quality. Of course all curtains and blankets are being washed and ironed before ending up as your new pair of mittens. And because these mittens are actually produced by hand, all pairs are limited editions. SO UNIQUE.

Granny’s Finest
If chills of winter are taking you by the throat, wear these handmade accessories. They’re all made by a granny and made up by a young designer! Yep, Granny’s Finest lets young designers join forces with grandmothers. In this way they closely knit together old fashioned reliability & modern trends. Cleverly thought up by the founders, because in this way everyone keeps busy.


Studio JUX
Ladies and gents, we may have found your new favourite hat. It’s entirely made of lambswool: a very fine and soft type of wool from the first shearing of the lambs. Lambs that are born in the fields of the Himalaya in Nepal, to be exact. Studio JUX owns a studio in Kathmandu, where 27 people work. Studio JUX counts for 3% of the clothing export in Nepal, which we think is totally awesome.

Atelier Sukha
When the time comes that you’re shivering on your bicycle, with numb fingertips and red ears included, we’re praising the lord for the accessories of Atelier Sukha. They’re just as warm as the countries where they are knitted: Nepal and India. The mittens and hats come in one size, but do not worry friends, they fit most heads and hands.


HoodLamb designs earth-loving outerwear. Stylish and sustainable. They’re constantly looking for new ways to improve. Their innovations include an eco-friendly waterproof coating made from hemp cullose and a 100% faux fur, made using certified organic hemp, PET and acrylic fibers. You might figured HoodLamb’s winter accessories are all-weatherproof.

By Mölle
Who's waiting for you to go outside? Maybe it’s this plaid slash scarf, made from recycled denim. Its soft, chunky and ready to warm you up after a cold winter's day (or a chilly summer’s night in the park.) By Mölle once started out with a blanket made of undyed, local wool. Ever since, they've been designing accessories that are made to last. Season after season.


People Tree
From best organic textile product to best critical brand: award winning label People Tree knows what they're doing. Designing beautiful sweaters and scarfs while making a beautiful change somewhere else in the world. They're supporting developing countries and setting an example of a Fair Trade model, while you are looking award winning good too.

Knowledge Cotton Apparel
The Danish brand Knowledge Cotton Apparel deserves some credits; they've been pioneers in the field of fashion and accessories since 1969. They've produced clothing and accessories in a planet-friendly manner ever since. You need proof? They only use 1 litre of water to manufacture a pair of trousers, instead of the regular 65 litres. Just imagine how sustainable their mittens are.