Sarah Hellen's menswear


Sarah Hellen's menswear

On this average Wednesday morning, we’d like to introduce you to something quite incredible. You ready, guys? Check out the menswear collection of Sarah Hellen. Hellen mixes modern design with the rich legacy of rural crafts, textiles and resources in Wales. Each piece of clothing is an ode to old school crafts and independent makers across the country.

Weaving, knitting, quilting. Sarah aims to demonstrate the diversity of these age old techniques and develop ideas in a contemporary and commercial style of menswear.

For her debut collection, she teamed up with Blodwen General Stores who gave her the iconic Hireath Blanket fabric. This fabric is made of 100% lambs wool and is made in one of the few remaining woolen mills in Wales today.

Yep, you better get ready for cool and contemporary garments with a real sense of history and tradition because Sarah Hellen’s online shop is on its way.

As they say in Wales:
Araf deg mae mynd ymhell (go slowly and go far.)