7 things to do during the holidays


7 things to do during the holidays

If we took a holiday / Took some time to celebrate / Just one day out of life / It would be, it would be so nice.

Just like our girl Madonna, we’re very much looking forward to the holiday season. If you happen to have some extra days off, and you’re not sure what to do besides eating, we’ve got some ideas. Here you go: seven things you could do the next coming days.

Make your own Christmas tree
How to make the most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful? Simple. Make your own Christmas tree. Because every year, around 85 million trees are being cut for this annual celebration. Not so festive, huh? Time to release that inner DIY artist and create a wood sliced tree / 3D tree / ladder-turned-tree / Christmas ornaments.


Change the world with your money
How to have a positive impact on the world with your money? In her new book, Anne-Marie Rakhorst interviewed a whole lot of impressive people: financial experts, professors, business men, sustainable pioneers. A must read for the holidays! And… now you have the time, it might be an idea to switch banks. Speaking of changing the world with your money.

Get your loved ones a present
Not sure what to get your brother / mother / significant other? How about some skincare products? We made a complete list of natural cosmetic labels. More into edible gifts? We selected eight chocolate brands with good flavours, values and looks. Charlie + Mary also got some ideas: nine gifts under 45 euros. Oh! And we just wrote an article on the perfect Christmas gift: notebooks!


Check out all Tegenlicht docs
Holidays are for coffee and newspapers in bed. And lots of television. Our favourite show is VPRO’s ‘Tegenlicht.’ Tegenlicht focuses on our globalized world in which societies, economies and cultures seek a new equilibrium. The show gives us a deeper understanding of worldwide developments and policymakers alike. These five episodes need to be on your to-do list…


Donate stuff to refugees
Giving. That’s what Christmas is all about. Right now, there are plenty of refugees in desperate need of things you may no longer use. Like a winterjacket. A pair of shoes. Or a travel bag. Please inform at a refugee camp in your neighbourhood what’s currently needed, as their needs are constantly changing.

Go vegetarian for a week (or so)
Yep, Christmas may be known as the annual food marathon, but still. You can decide what’s on the menu. And what is not. The following food bibles are packed with delicious recipes and handy tips. All recipes are vegetarian and will conquer the hearts of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. World peace starts at your dining table.


Have a jolly good time
No matter what you do: ENJOY IT TO THE FULLEST. Because happy persons can take better care of the world around them.

Illustration: Sanna Annukka