4 Alternative Christmas trees


4 Alternative Christmas trees

How to make the most wonderful time of the year even more wonderful? Simple. Make your own Christmas tree. Because every year, around 85 million trees are being cut for this annual celebration. Not so festive, huh? We decided to release our inner DIY artists and scrolled down Pinterest to learn from some true makers. Now get a pair of scissors and join us.

1 Wood sliced Christmas tree
All lumberjackets please unite: we’ve got some work to do. This Christmas tree starts with a walk in the park, where we’ll look for a big branch (on the ground of course), which is about 2 inches in diameter. Chop it up into 1/3 slices using a compound miter saw (uhuh) and form the layout of your tree. Next, attach craft wire to the back of your slices with a staple gun horizontally. Finished? Attach it vertically and make sure it’s stable. Ta da, you’re finished en quite awesome.


Check out all instructions (and more photographs) at designertrapped

2 It’s a 3D Christmas tree
This tree is made by De Groene Meisjes. It's a concept from Provable and made of leftover materials. Again, you take a walk down the park and now you look for six branches (with a length of approximately 200 cm). Back home, you tie together all branches with a rope. Now you can attach some small branches (from a fir tree preferably) to make it more Christmassy. Next, you get all decorations from the attic and go for it! Oh, and if you place your masterpiece on Instagram, Provamel will plant a tree in Burkina Faso for every like you get.


More about this 3D tree over at De Groene Meisjes

3 A ladder as a Christmas tree
Not a handy man? Just get a ladder, place it against the wall and you’re basically done. Decorate it and tell all persons in the universe you DID IT YOURSELF.


4 Not a tree, yet very Christmassy
We bumped into these reindeers over at Martha Stewart’s. Hannah Milman created a tree-trunk-deer tradition that allows you to make your own little family. Again, use fallen branches. This time in a variety of lengths and widths, in order to create a whole family of deer. It’s even possible to make a herd of large deer for your balcony or garden, or simply go for these incredibly cute ornaments.