4 sustainable homes


4 sustainable homes

We bumped into this Swedish home that limits future warming in a very cool way. Charles Sacilotto and Marie Grammar wrapped a greenhouse around their home to warm it naturally. Their home, located on the Stockholm archipelago, uses solar power to provide heat and save energy. Next to this house, we found some other homes world leaders (and not world leaders) should have a look at.

Upcycle House
Do you know how upcycled architecture looks like? Well, check out the Upcycle House by Lendager Arkitekter. This Danish studio aimed at exposing potential carbon-emission reductions through the use of recycled and upcycled building materials. In fact, the reduction has been 86% compared to a benchmark house. Oh, it’s a beauty. One wrapped in OSB.

Upcycle house.jpg

Sawmill House
In this eco-conscious Sawmill House by Australian architecture firm Archier, concrete blocks that were once bound for landfills, have found new purpose. Yep, this home is built out of 270 one-tonne concrete blocks and other locally sourced materials. It’s largely made by hand and comes with a custom-built mechanized facade that opens up to maximize natural light and ventilation.


Glass House
Okay, another one from Scandinavia. This glass house in Christiana, the Freetown in Copenhagen, shows that not all stunning buildings are built by professional architects. The house is created from salvaged materials; the external glass walls are made up of old windows. In fact, the home was simply built with whatever glass that was there, it didn’t have a plan. Pretty artistic huh?