Check this natural textile dye of seaweed


Check this natural textile dye of seaweed

Remember SEA ME? The conceptual carpet of Studio Nienke Hoogvliet. She made a rug of sea algae yarn and knotted the rug by hand in an old fishing net. The project shows the contrast between the plastic soup and the beautiful things the sea has to offer. Like seaweed. Nienke wanted to invest other applicabilities for seaweed in the textile industry and teamed up with fellow idealist Xandra van der Eijk. The collaboration resulted in a natural textile dye of seaweed.

Let’s first dive into seaweed and all its great qualities. It grows fast, cleans the water from nitrogen and phosphates and the air from CO2. Hello, this could really change the world! Or the textile industry at least.

So. To continue the story:

The girls went to the Oosterschelde to collect as many different types of seaweed as possible. They went home with over twenty species. Yep, a wide colour pallet you could say. The colours ranged from brown and green to lilac and pink.


During the Dutch Design Week, Nienke and Xandra showed over 250 colour tests. Tests on wool, cotton, silk and Nienke’s seaweed yarn. By only using salt sea water, these ladies created a process that doesn’t need freshwater. So it doesn’t conflict with human needs for drinking water.

We’re convinced. We need natural dyed outfits. Asap.

Right now, Nienke and Xandra are continuing their research and will start collaborations with the industry to get this awesome innovation available for us all.