5 docs you need to see! #Tegenlicht


5 docs you need to see! #Tegenlicht

Photo: Martin Wengelaar

Coffee. Newspapers in bed. Cuddles with the dog. What are your Sunday rituals? Ours involve VPRO’s tv-program ‘Tegenlicht.’ Tegenlicht focuses on our globalized world in which societies, economies and cultures seek a new equilibrium. The show gives us a deeper understanding of worldwide developments and policymakers alike. These five episodes need to be on your to-do list:

For A Few Degrees Less
With COP21 around the corner, economist Jeffrey Sachs gathered a team of international scientists. In 'For A Few Degrees Less' they point out how we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in order to limit the global temperature increase to 2 °C above pre-industrial levels. Which innovating fossil free project can avoid dangerous climate change?

Lawyer of the Earth
‘Who’s gonna stand up and save the Earth?’ Neil Young sings in one of his most recent song. Well, Neil, Polly Higgins will. This 'Lawyer for the Earth' advocates for a missing law: one that creates a legal duty of care by putting people and planet first, a law that prohibits mass damage and destruction to human and non-human life, and makes ecocide a crime. But will politicians support her mission?

The Smart State
Let’s explore our innovation climate. What would the iPhone be worth without the internet, GPS and touchscreen technology? All components used originate from research institutes, universities and government-funded companies. In 'The Smart State', we find out where new technologies come from, who finances their development and who profits from them.

The end of ownership
Are we at the starting point of a mental revolution when it comes to ownership? Thomas Rau, founder of RAU architects explains how he sees the economic paradigm shift from ownership to “usership”. But what does this mean for production processes and for innovation and economic growth? Check 'The end of ownership'. Spoiler: our new mantra will be: don’t own, enjoy!

TTIP: Might is Right
You might have heard about TTIP: the proposed free trade agreement between the US and Europe. The agreement causes concern, critics fear North-American values regarding (food) safety, workers’ and consumer rights will become the new standard. Companies can even sue governments that damage their investments. A threat to our democracy?

Watch and be inspired!