Why lab-grown leather is the next best thing


Why lab-grown leather is the next best thing

Thanks to Charlie + Mary we all know what’s the deal with leather. Of course, leather is sustainable in the sense that it’s strong and durable, but the industry itself doesn’t give a toss about the well-being of ANYTHING with a heartbeat. Organic tanned leather on the other hand, is safer and cleaner, but still. It requires someone on the farm to die. Then there’s vegan leather, but that comes with a different look and feel. The solution? Lab-grown leather!

Brooklyn-based biotech startup Modern Meadow develops new forms of animal products without harming them. Their lab-grown leather process also uses 99% less land, not to mention all savings on water, greenhouse gas and energy use.

So. How does it work?

Modern Meadow takes cells from a single cow in order to replicate the skin. It’s completely harmless to the animal and, as an extra bonus, you can replicate these skin cells again and again. That means you can produce as much (or little!) as you need.

The result is pretty much the same, but WAY COOLER.

We’re waiting for the first label that will collaborate with Modern Meadow. Stella McCartney, you reading this?

Illustration: Always With Honor