9 gift ideas from 5 to 45 euro


9 gift ideas from 5 to 45 euro

In six days it's December and whether we like it or not, it's usually the month where we find ourselves strolling around town, hunting down gifts for our people. Luckily Charlie + Mary got some gift ideas for you. Gifts that'll make your loved ones happy, but all the makers involved as well. Sustainable, fair and affordable: all gifts are under 45 euro. And what we like even better: everything is available in Charlie+Mary's stores. Winning!

Under 5 euro – because chocolate is always a good ideaTonys-Melk-Popcorn-Discodip-LR-638x380

Get the ‘Sinterklaas’ party started with Tony Chocolonely’s limited popcorn disco dip edition, it costs 4 euro and fits in your shoe! Another delicious and good looking fairly produced bar is made by the Chocolate Makers in Amsterdam. The Awajun bar contributes to the conservation of tropical rainforests and the development of sustainable cocoa farming.

10 euro – 18-in-1 magic soap by Dr. Bronner’s

dr. bronner magic soap

Whether it’s for your best friend or your mother in law, you can’t go wrong with some special soap. Dr. Bronner’s rich lathering and wonderfully smelling soaps are made from 100% organic ingredients. Why magic? You can use this soap for showering, brushing your teeth, dishwashing, mopping the floor and 14 other things.

15 euro – socks that stay forever together

qnoop sokken, organic, amsterdam

Let's solve the problem of the missing sock for once and for all. Dutch label Qnoop designs socks with a button and a custom-made button loop. By tying together both socks they will always stay a couple. Qnoop socks are also very nicely wrapped, the perfect gift for sure.

20 euro – Bicycle travel journal


The Bicycle travel journal encourages you travel by bike whenever possible: short trips, long rides, through urban, suburban or rural areas, along roads, coasts and mountain paths, you name it! Nigel Peake’s drawings guide you through new landscapes, both real and imaginary. The journal is filled with illustrations, but also blank pages and 4 envelopes to treasure all your journeys.

25 euro – Organic and fair trade yoga top


Looking for a gift for one Bendy Wendy? This yoga crop top is super zen! Both for Wendy as for the makers of the garment. The yoga top is from London based fair fashion label People Tree and made of organic cotton.

30 euro - A tee to make a statement

sintreklaas cadeau idee, vluchtelingenwerk Nederland, organic, fair trade, statement t-shirt, hallomensen

Do you have a lot of people around you who want to do something for all the refugees but don’t know what? This unisex #hallomensen statement tee might be THE gift. With this shirt you're donating money to VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and you let other folks know you care for all refugees in need.

35 euro - Harry's gift, not only a gift for Harries


Harry’s gift is one of those reminders to stay true to yourself. The fairytale ‘Find your tune’ is about how important it is to 'find your tune’. The fairytale comes with a white tank top (fair + organic), produced by People Tree. The name Harry is embroidered on the chest. Wearing this tank top will remind you to keep on doing what makes your heart sing.

40 euro - Handmade set for all handy (wo)men

elementary design

This Screwdriver Set is made by Eleman’tary Design in a small London workshop, where quality and simplicity are combined. The handles are made from beech wood and finished with linseed oil. The natural surface is pleasant to hold and will not encourage blisters THANK GOD. Great gift for all those handy fellas out there.

45 euro - From tree to cutting board

stadsplank, hout uit je stad, gift idea, amsterdam, cadeau, inspiratie, idee, kerst, sinterklaas, xmas, charlie + mary

Give a piece of Amsterdam! The Stadsplank is a cutting board, bread board or tapas board, made from salvaged city trees. Stadsplank gives these trees a new life, in your kitchen! Curious where your cutting board has its roots? Via a QR code on the you can find more info about the tree and its exact location.

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Image: Artifact uprising