Changing the world with your money


Changing the world with your money

It’s the final countdown. Not for Christmas, nor for NYE. Nope, we’re impatiently waiting for the new book of Anne-Marie Rakhorst. Rakhorst, Strawberry Earth Academy friend and Mette’s very own coach, will release her book ‘Geld stuurt de wereld - jij bepaalt de koers’ on Thursday, 26 November 2016 in NEMO, Amsterdam.

Photo: Linelle Deunk

The book digs into the world of socially responsible investing, also known as sustainable or ‘green’ investing. The main question here is; how can we make a positive impact on the world with our money? In her quest for answers, Anne-Marie interviewed a whole lot of impressive people: financial experts, professors, business men, sustainable pioneers. Like: Peter Blom (Triodos bank), Herman Mulder (Trueprice) and Herman Wijffels (Universiteit Utrecht).

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A little spoiler: we can do A LOT with our money. But first: we need to become aware of all the power we have. Something we surely believe Anne-Marie can accomplish. Anne-Marie, businesswoman of the year 2000, was the founder of engineering and consultancy office Search, which she sold after twenty years to SGS. Today she is giving strategic advice to SGS and she’s the owner of Not to forget she’s the author of many books on sustainability, with ‘Geld stuurt de wereld - jij bepaalt de koers’ as the latest addition.

Need this book on your bookshelf?

Thought so.

You can get a copy here. The book will appear on your doormat in about two working days. But! It’s already possible to check out some of the interviews here.

Have a read, get your coins and change the world!