8 x chocolate with good flavours, values and looks


8 x chocolate with good flavours, values and looks

The chocolate industry doesn’t exactly look like the factory as pictured by Tim Burton, but we might get there one day. Good thing is more and more brands make us aware of the true cost of chocolate while at the same time more and more people are happy to pay a little extra for a bar that’s made in a way just as wonderful. We selected eight brands that have pretty flavours, values and looks. But WHO ARE WE KIDDING, as if we will leave these bars unopened on the table.

Chocolate Makers
The Chocolate Makers are involved in the whole chocolate making process. Their “Gorilla bars” for example, are made with cocoa from the Democratic Republic of Congo, home to the last mountain gorillas in the world. Because its habitat is threatened by man, cocoa plants have been planted on their territory. The plants help locals make a living and ensure the gorillas are left in peace.


Omnom Chocolate
This young chocolate confectionary company from Iceland makes their own specialty products. Expect exciting taste variations inspired by various trips across the globe. A hint of salt here, a drop of coffee there… All ingredients blend perfectly together with Omnom’s chocolate, that is wrapped in packaging by Icelandic designer André Úlfur Visage.


Original Beans
Since 2008, the folks of Original Beans have changed the lives of twenty-thousand cocoa growing families. They have preserved one of the rarest cocoa beans in the world, helping to buffer forests that harbour the last mountain gorillas. Because of their direct trade model and reforestation projects, Original Beans has won the most prestigious chocolate awards. Ready to dig in?


Photograph: Cocoarunners

Wild Artisan Chocolate
Oh. This logo. This packaging. This whole brand identity. It makes our heart sing. Wild Artisan Chocolate is crafted with thoughtfully sourced ingredients and helps support eco-system conservation and honouring farmers. We think everyone should have a piece of this fine looking premium chocolate brand and take a walk on the wild side.


This is a story about Jane & Fabien, a raw food chef and French foodie, who moved to India and started their own chocolate brand. MASON & CO works directly with farmers to improve the Indian cocoa industry. With success! Their home laboratory has transformed into a small artisan factory, selling organic, vegan and superior chocolate all around the globe.


Seed & Bean
As you would expect with a name like this, the complete production process of Seed & Bean is a-okay. Their handmade bars are made from the finest, ethically sourced ingredients. Even their packaging is green. The cellulose film is manufactured from renewable eucalyptus wood pulp, which means it’s renewable and biodegradable.


Tony’s Chocolonely
Raising the chocolate bar! The Amsterdam based chocolate makers from Tony’s Chocolonely believe are on their way to a 100% slave free industry. Right now, they’re making some big steps. Next to being fairtrade, a lot of Tony’s ingredients are organic too. Also, they’re focusing on a transparant chain, from bean to bar!


Photograph: Sillysillsill

You may know Summerbird for it’s marzipan. The Danish company is famous for their recipe, consisting of 75% almonds and 25% sugar. But, soon you’ll also know them for their incredible chocolate bars. Just like the marzipan recipe, the ingredient list here is simple, but brilliant. Chocolate that will make you feel better, and all people involved as well.


Photograph: lissomehabit