Not just a bean bag


Not just a bean bag

It’s a life raft. A time machine. And an escape pod together in one. But above all, the Terapy bean bags are a place to recharge, where you can let your mind wander and your imagination run free. But there’s more. Here’s why we think every household should have one of these bold roommates.

They suit your body.
Terapy bags are ergonomically a-okay and even recommended by several physiotherapists. Because of its stretch cotton blend, the bags are enabled to shape itself according to your body, equally distributing your weight and releasing pressure on the spine. The bags bring comfort to the whole family, children included.

Terapy bags can be fixed.
Yep, so if your kids, or pets, happen to have sharp claws, you don’t have to worry at all. Tiny holes in both the inner and outer cover can easily be stitched up. It won’t affect the quality of the bag, nor the quality of your relaxation moments.

Removable, washable and replaceable.
Since the entire family enjoys these fellas, there are bag covers available in different colours. Instead of shipping, the covers can be picked up at the Terapy showroom in Amsterdam. This is also the place for a bean bag try-out!

& Durable!
Wowsers. There’s more? U-huh! Terapy bean bags are made to last for years, while having tons of fun with it. We’ve told you already the bags are repairable, but it’s also possible to refill the bags. On average, a Terapy bean bag may need a refill after about one year of intense using.

Psst, do they look familiar?
That’s right, you might even tried the Terapy bean bags during De Grote Natuurquiz at the Strawberry Earth Fair. While Maxim Hartman and Tim den Besten where questioning the teams about coots and Halina Reijn, the audience was relaxing / playing / snoozing on these bags.