14 x Cosmetics for him & her


14 x Cosmetics for him & her

Sure, December almost kicks in, but we don’t think you need Santa as an excuse to spoil yourself with skincare products. So here you go. A complete list of natural cosmetic labels. Yep, labels that are so natural you could eat it. Ha. Seems like your next Christmas dinner is inside a tube.

Esse organic skincare
This skincare label from South Africa uses wild sourced plants that offer top notch free-radical protection. The plants are harvested by local communities, with the greatest care for both people and planet. Esse's products are biodegradable and free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and colourants.
Available at Charlie+Mary’s


As someone who grew up with skin problems, sensitivities and allergies, Suki Kramer tried pharmaceuticals that were irritating to natural products that were gentle and did nada. She started formulating 100% pure, concentrated products from botanical content. Products with real, visible results. Strong and safe for everyone.
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Dr Bronner
We are all brothers and sisters, and we should take care of each other and Spaceship Earth, according to Dr Bronner. Their products are made with organic ingredients, Fair Trade, ethically produced and only contain a few ingredients. A few ingredients that help you in all possible ways. Their soap bars for example, are great for face, hair and body!
Available at Charlie+Mary’s

Malin + Goetz
Mr. Malin and Mr. Goetz both worked for big cosmetic brands and decided it was time for a brand with natural ingredients that are friendly to your skin and not tested on animals. Both misters are super transparent about the ingredients they use. Even their packaging is as eco friendly as possible. Way to go, Malin + Goetz!
Available at Charlie+Mary’s


Skinny Skinny
We’re not talking about silhouettes here, but about the minimal list of ingredients used in these products. Okay, the list may be short, but the ingredients are from the best quality and carefully sourced, such as certified organic extra virgin oils. Skinny Skinny focuses on a top-to-bottom sustainable business practice, from recyclable packaging to biodegradable labels.
Available at the Otherist

Herbivore Botanicals
This name. We love this name. Here’s a little bit about this plant based brand: knowing that everything we put on our skin quickly absorbs into our bodies, Herbivore Botanicals ethically sources the finest raw natural materials the earth has to offer. Packed with vitamins, minerals and botanicals, these products give us tangible results we can see and feel, powered by nature.
Available at Gathershop


The Christmas lights can be switched off because there’ll be only one centre of attention this holiday. You. MÁDARA believes that true beauty lies within, but you do have to release it… Their products help reveal your natural self, in other words, your prettier-than-all-the-angels-in-the-Christmas-tree-self. But that’s not the Christmas spirit of course. So share the word.
Available at Vitaminstore

Estelle & Thild
Marine Microalgae Extract. Nordic Superberry Complex. Oat Extract. These are some of Estelle & Thild’s key ingredients, that come with some high impact results. The brand became an instant success in Scandinavia and is now available in 1300 stores worldwide, all because founder Pernilla thought it was not okay a typical morning routine contains over 200 chemicals.
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Take a closer look at these packages. Absolution has an absolutely gorgeous design. For her brand, Isabella Carron teams up with all kinds of talented people. Professors, developers and designers naturally. Also Isabella’s friends are involved, because is there any test panel more honest, more natural and more straight forward than your own friends?
Available at C. Cosmetics & Care

Let’s do a belly dance, because these products are surely worth a celebration. This brand is born of a fortuitous encounter with the Orient; the magic of the Eastern world sharply awakens their creative instincts. NAFHA combines ancestral rites with a scientific approach, which resulted in brand new, delicately textured and fragranced formulas. An encounter with oriental beauty.
Available at C. Cosmetics & Care

Dr Hauschka
Long, long before ‘sustainability’ became a term fancy people liked to use, Dr Hauschka was already harvesting organic, fair-trade ingredients and using recyclable packaging. In 1955, they started their brand from their own botanical garden, resulting in bestselling products as the rose cream. Chefs even say this cream is so natural, it’s edible.
Available at Vitaminstore


The Hello Shop
Attention beards and babes! The Hello Shop offers all natural products for him and her. From her kitchen in Utrecht, Beau Colin makes these soaps, oils and balms by hand. Hundred percent natural products with softening bee wax, moisturizing coconut oil and protecting sunflower oil. Tested by Beau and hairy family and friends.
Available online

Green & Spring
First we were like THERE ARE BIRDS ON THE PACKAGING, then we were actually amazed by the products; they make us look fly. Green & Spring is completely inspired by the British countryside, using herbs and flowers that have been cherished for their therapeutic qualities by English apothecaries for years. Suddenly we understand why Queen E. is still on top.
Available at C. Cosmetics & Care

Dr. Alkaitis
Still hungry for more cosmetics? Let us present you Dr. Alkaitis: organic skin food. Yep, skin food indeed. Their guideline is, ‘if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.’ That means all of their products are edible, very pleasing to put on your skin. Not sure about your mouth. The ingredients are never heated above body temperature, giving full healing benefits to your skin.
Available at C. Cosmetics & Care