This 'local heroes' edition Charlie + Mary introduce you to the latest labels and inspiring designers and entrepreneurs they work with. All have a nice story to tell and sell their collections at the Charlie + Mary shops.


Solving the problem of the missing sock for once and for all! Qnoop means ‘button’ in Dutch (well, its normally with a ‘k’), because all socks of this Amsterdam based contemporary sock wear label are designed with a button and a custom-made button loop. By tying together both socks they will always stay a couple. In your laundry, when drying and in your drawer. The socks are made of organic fabrics and even the buttons are made of biodegradable materials, such as recycled cotton fibres and paper waste. Yup, they're as strong as any other button, but leave nothing behind in the oceans.


Fraai van Vroeger

Fraai van vroeger, or 'beauty from the old days', has its roots on an attic. This is where Stephanie, founder of this vintage home wear label, spotted some treasures hidden under a layer of dust. Now she hunts down items from the past to give them a new life and story. A watering can ends up as a vase and a biscuit tin as a flowerpot - Fraai brings the old days to today's needs.


Nonni & Manni

Nonni & Manni is a kids wear label founded by designer and mom Marije Cnossen. Marije didn’t want to contribute to the pile of wasted clothes, she rather cleans it up. Therefore she only uses existing materials to create Nonni & Manni pieces. Beautiful cashmere and wool sweaters are turned into the most comfy baby or toddler trousers and hats. Every piece is one of a kind, made by hand and with a lot of care and attention for detail. If only these items were available in adult sizes!