9 docs you should see at IDFA


9 docs you should see at IDFA

CUT - the talking! The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is about to start. These documentaries, focused on the planet, its people and products, should be in your agenda somewhere in between 18 - 29 November 2015.

Photographer, journalist and ecologist Yann Arthus-Bertrand got thousands of people from different cultural backgrounds to discuss themes as happiness, sex, freedom, homosexuality, poverty and death in his documentary Human. From light-hearted reminiscences to extremely painful memories; all themes are introduced with aerial nature shots, Bertrand’s trademark.


Land Grabbing
Ever since agriculture became an attractive investment, farmers have been losing ground to international businesses globally. This phenomenon, and its far reaching implications, is beautifully captured in Land Grabbing. It takes us to grain fields and tomato hot houses, investors and lobbyists, the EU Parliament and a five-star hotel in Dublin.

Wastecooking - Make Food, Not Waste (+ Q&A)
One-third of all food ends up as trash. Something activist David Gross wants to change. He takes us on a journey through five European countries, introducing us to chefs, scientists and activists. He presents us simple solutions to the food waste epidemic, such as converting a container into a mini-kitchen for Wastecooking and running your car on cooking oil. Ha!

Racing Extinction (+ Q&A)
In this documentary we see endangered animals filmed alive in the wild, but also dead at the illegal marketplaces where their poached carcasses are sold. It’s an attempt to raise global awareness, and to integrate that awareness in our lives: by eating less meat, opposing the extraction of fossil fuels and pushing for legislation against poaching.


10 Billion - What's on Your Plate? (+ Q&A)
In 2050, the population of the world is about to hit a staggering 10 Billion. Wait, what?! This huge increase on today’s figure of seven billion, will contribute to serious food shortages. In his search for solutions to this acute problem, self-proclaimed ‘food fighter’ Valentin Thurn looks for ecologically and economically responsible alternatives.

Banking Nature
Investors buy up the habitats of endangered species and then sell them in the form of shares. The pros and cons of these remarkable developments are examined through a riveting montage of breathtaking images of nature, reflective voice-overs and interviews with bankers, economists, activists and policymakers. This doc is an exploration of the world of ‘green banking’.

This changes everything
Inspired by the bestseller of Naomi Klein, who also takes care of the voiceover, we meet communities on the front line of climate change. Without loosing sight of the beauty of nature, we see groups resisting all kinds of polluters. Could radical economic reform really end the climate crisis? After the screening, journalist Twan Huys will interview Klein.


Moises and his family have been collecting salt for generations at the salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. Then, the government decides to mine lithium, a raw material used in batteries, from the deepest salt layer. Set against the pristine white landscape, Salero philosophizes about the confusing consequences of economic progress and our place in the world.

Requiem for the American Dream
Linguist, philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky is one of the most influential intellectuals EVER. In a series of long interviews, he describes the end of the American Dream, an ideal that he believes was partly symbolic and partly realistic. This doc is like attending a powerful lecture by a leading intellectual, one who doesn’t hesitate to point the finger. We like.