What plants can do


What plants can do

Plants can brighten up any room. Even the smallest room in the building is a whole lot more inviting when you accommodate a tiny forrest over there. Okay, some Donald Duck editions also help. Now back to the other perks of plants. Because next to being a great decoration, plants come with some extra benefits. The folks from Green Art Solutions can tell.

Green Art Solutions reunites people with nature. In awesome ways. By admiring how nature works, they create solutions that improve our home and work environment. Their vertical gardens, lush gardens and green roofs not only look wonderful, they do an even more wonderful job.

Yep, bring in all the cacti and monsteras, because scientists have proved plants make a positive impact on our society. They improve the air quality, fix acoustic problems and reduce stress. Studies show that less people call in sick. The numbers that illustrate this absence from illness went down from 15% to 5%.

Imagine what some Green Art Solutions can do at your office. Or… at home. Think about a healthier family. Less noise from the kids. And no more PMS! Okay, maybe that’s a little too optimistic, but the power of plants simply can’t be denied. And if you’re already a healthy, shiny and silent human being, a vertical garden still is an amazingly cool decoration.

We always thought about nature as a living piece of art.

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