Discount on the Tree bag!


Discount on the Tree bag!

The Strawberry Earth Fair may be over, but the party continues: the guys from reWrap are giving 35% discount on their Tree Bag. Not three bags, but a bag that has its roots in the forest, and will be part of that forest again, when its done serving you. Next to being fully biodegradable and awesome, here are four other reason why we dig this thing.

One. Not a single non-natural or toxic material is used to create this bag. All materials come from trees: coconut fiber, natural rubber, walnut wood, wood pulp. Of course, no trees are cut down for the production of these bags, waddya think?!

Two. It might not come as a surprise we’re kinda into design at Strawberry Earth. And hello, how elegant and simple are these minimalistic looks?

Three facts for our third reason: the bag is strong, water resistant and lightweight, which means it’s very functional for all you people that have to deal with wet socks on a daily base, and that it’s a durable bag, made to conquer various seasons with you.

Last but not least, numero quatro. The Tree Bag is a social bag. Nope, it won’t talk to you about whether it’s a good idea to let Kanye run for president, it means its made in a small workshop in Amsterdam that provides employment to people with a disability.

Before bringing in the violins and shedding a tear or two about so much greatness, let’s focus on the greediness we homo sapiens have inside of us. In other words; how to get your hands on this bag?


Click here and order your bag with 35% discount! Note: the discount only counts for the first 20 people. So hurry up!