8 Dutch organic restaurants


8 Dutch organic restaurants

The two most important question in life are: what do we eat and where do we eat it. Today we’re happy to bring the answers to both questions. These are the places to go for a family dinner, anniversary with your boo or gathering with friends. Of course all meals are made from seasonally, locally sourced and organic ingredients.

If not for the food, you should come here for the view. BAK is located at the Houthavens in Amsterdam, overlooking the harbor. But: please focus on the food. It’s incredible. There’s no menu, the seasons decide what’s on the table. The only thing you have to decide is: mmm, should I go for five or seven courses?
Van Diemenstraat 410, Amsterdam


Photo: Caperleaves.nl

De Kas
Food from the fields, served on the fields. Located in a green house in one of the finest parks of Amsterdam, this restaurant preps ingredients that grow in front of you. What’s on your plate depends on what’s ready to harvest. End your night with a walk through Park Frankendael: you might see the storks that brood on top of De Kas’ chimney.
Kamerlingh Onnestraat 3, Amsterdam


Whoever thinks only lazy cooks throw food in the oven, think again. Over at HOOG VUUR all main courses, ranging from lamb shank to wild sea bass, are prepared in their wood ovens. The ovens, actually the whole kitchen, is created by our Strawberry Earth Academy fellow from Weltevree. You ready for a designers pizza? (OF COURSE there’s pizza too.)
Oude Fabriekstraat 26, Amersfoort


Villa Augustus
‘I am so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers’ Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote in Anne of Green Gables. Personally, we’re glad we live in a world where there are restaurants like Villa Augustus. Restaurants that honour every month of the year on their menu. And, no matter the weather, it’s always a good idea to stroll through their vegetable garden and check out their water tower, where you can sleep.
Oranjelaan 7, Dordrecht


Tropicana, where we once jumped around in the pool, is now offering a whole new kind of refreshment. Restaurant ALOHA is part of a lab for circular entrepreneurship, which means one’s leftovers will serve as another company’s raw materials. ALOHA’s coffee grounds for example, are used for growing mushrooms. Getting hungry? We’re fans of the FEED ME menu, where you’ll be served food until you stay STOP.
Maasboulevard 100, Rotterdam

restaurant aloha.jpg

Vork en Mes
Fork and knife are not just the tools you need for eating. They’re also the tools you can change the world with. Restaurant Vork en Mes shows us how easy it is to do good while eating good. Chances are chef Jonathan will inspire you to take his philosophy (and recipes) home. Good thing the man wrote a book. Or should we say bible?
Paviljoenlaan 1, Hoofddorp


Old School
Anybody up for evening class? In a former school, including linoleum floors, you’ll be taught about delicious flavours. Don’t worry about the expiry date at Old School, all food is as fresh as a certain prince of Bel Air. The eggs for example come from next door, where 200 chickens live on their own ‘ei-land’, showing the world keeping chickens in the city is a picnic.
Gaasterlandstraat 3-5, Amsterdam


Next year: Vuurtoreneiland
A dinner at Vuurtoreneiland is more like an adventurous mini holiday. The holiday begins with a boat ride to the island, the only way to reach the restaurant. Once on the island, you can wander around and take selfies with the lighthouse before digging into the four course table d’hôte menu in the greenhouse, where every product is used from top to toe. From March 2016, it’s possible to book a mini holiday again.