The kings of karma


The kings of karma

Justin Timberlake wrote a song about it, so it must be true. What comes around, goes around people. In other words: the universe got your back, as you may have noticed during the Strawberry Earth Fair. Last weekend, we rewarded visitors who did something good. Doing good was as simple as participating in a workshop, getting your hands on one of our favourite brands or simply smiling at a stranger.

Folks who completed their karma card, got showered in confetti over at ASN Bank. At their stand, people could try how comfortable a truly green bank is (‘bank’ means both couch as bank in Dutch). Also: whoever handed over their karma card, had a shot of winning 100 euros to spend at Charlie + Mary’s.


And the winners are:

- Pleun & Nada

Congratulations! We have contacted you about the prize. Happy shopping at Charlie + Mary & feel free to share your loot with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter via @strawberryearth.

Photography: Willem de Kam