ZOOM in on the tag

image: Nicoletta Perreti

ZOOM in on the tag

“With this garment you will save the world from 165-200 gr of chemicals. You will help us reach our 2020 goal of having saved the environment from more than 400.000 liters of chemicals.” Okay, thank you Knowledge Cotton Apparel! This information is written on a little piece of (recycled) paper that comes with the good looking shirt you bought and gives you a bit of extra information about your garment. Some other true fashion brands also tell quite interesting stories on their labels and hangtags. Let’s zoom in on them!

Studio JUX
The labels on the Studio JUX collection include a handshake – Which means you can MEET YOUR TAILOR online.

People Tree
People Tree tells you about the factory where the garment is produced, as well as the materials it’s made of and the certifications it has.

Wunderwerk does not only use organic cotton but also advanced materials like Tencel or Modal Edelweiss. Their labels will tell you what kind of innovating material you're wearing. You'll also learn that all of the Wunderwerk garments are GOTS certified.

L'Herbe Rouge
French label L’Herbe Rouge is a true pioneer when it comes to using high quality sustainable materials in their collections. Their tags inform about the ecological footprint of each garment, which is measured with the help of brown and williams environmental agency.

All of these brands care as much about the looks of their collections as the impact they have on the environment and the people involved in the production process. The tags give you basic info about this process, but of course you can find out much more by visiting their websites.

The rise of labels that inform their customers is making a change in the fashion industry, a change that is very much needed! So, zoom in on the tags whilst shopping and reward those brands who choose transparency and regard their customers as conscious human beings.