Win two weeks in Greece!


Win two weeks in Greece!

At the Strawberry Earth Fair on 9 and 10 October (uhuh, this weekend) you’re welcome to snore and snuggle at COCO-MAT’s. You can even win a holiday to Greece while sleeping. A competition was never THIS easy. Simply dive in their giant, all-natural and comfy bed and pose for the camera. You might win a two-week stay in their eco residence in Harikia (Sparta).

Sparta, where summer seems to keep forever, is ideal for hiking and jogging, but also for doing nothing inside a COCO-MAT bed. With full respect to the landscape and the rules of bioclimatic architecture, the resort enables you to enjoy all comfort with a conscious mind.

In need for a naturally good holiday? See you in bed at the Strawberry Earth Fair.

Note: you need to arrange the transport yourself.