Studio Eric Klarenbeek wins Strawberry Earth Academy grant


Studio Eric Klarenbeek wins Strawberry Earth Academy grant

Champagne and biodegradable confetti please. Strawberry Earth Academy ambassador Thekla Reuten just announced the winner of the Strawberry Earth Academy grant: Studio Eric Klarenbeek. During the opening of the Strawberry Earth Fair on Friday 9 October, Daan Roosegaarde revealed Studio Klarenbeeks idea: a 3D Bakery for 3D printing with natural recourses. Their 3D Bakery will receive a budget of €15.000 to further develop the idea. During this development, Roosegaarde is sure they will come across the three ungrateful faces of innovation: "First people will tell you it's not possible, next they will say your project is not allowed and last but not least they will ask you WHY YOU DIDN'T COME UP WITH THIS EARLIER?!'

Back to their project. The last year the Strawberry Earth Academy fellows of Studio Eric Klarenbeek have been researching how we can use natural filaments in 3D printing. Right now, the raw materials used in 3D printing (filaments) are made out of oil based plastics, resulting in a big ecological footprint. It creates a lot of waste, plus, harmful fumes and ultrafine particles are released when plastic is heated up to be extruded. Yep: although 3D printers bring us an immeasurable amount of joy thanks to the ability to print literally anything at any given moment, they’re still not without their flaws. YET.

The 3D Bakery is investing ways of using potato waste, coffee grounds and cocoa shells as a raw material in 3D printing. This way, the project contributes to a circular economy and transforms 3D printing into the future friendly production method it truly is. But there’s more: the 3D Bakery connects us to local makers and their designs. How cool is it to actually support a designer in the neighbourhood? Even more fun is, that with the use of natural filaments as coffee grounds and cocoa shells, your product will smell as good as it looks. This explains the name of the concept: the 3D Bakery makes 3D printing as easy (and delicious smelling) as baking cookies.

The other Strawberry Earth Academy fellows also worked on some brilliant ideas the past year. As founder Mette te Velde said in her speech: "These pioneers truly love what they make and care, just as much, how it’s made." The folks of De Vorm, Kings of Indigo and Mae Engelgeer came up with a sustainable alternative for cotton, product designers Waarmakers teamed up with fashion label L’Herbe Rouge to produce a grocery bag that minimizes packaging waste, the designers of Arco and Weltevree worked on a circular forest and last but not least fashion fellows OAT Shoes, Afriek, KISS and TELL, Studio JUX, People Tree and NŌN by KIM developed The Green Dots Label; a label that shows customers immediately how clothing is made.

All ideas of the 'Class of 2015' can be admired during the Strawberry Earth Fair. Yep, for two days the Strawberry Earth Academy fellows will showcase their concepts in an exhibition. Expect notes, sketches and prototypes. Wander around in the minds of our fellows and check out the ideas that popped up.

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Photography: Willem de Kam

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