Tonight: Tourist LeMC


Tonight: Tourist LeMC

Surprise, surprise: Tourist LeMC is playing at the Strawberry Earth Fair tonight! Yes o yes, our favourite troubadour from Antwerp is joining our Saturday night party. He is ‘En Route’ to Amsterdam Roest rrright now.

Tourist LeMC is a Belgian hiphop artist, known for his albums ‘Antwerps Testament’ and ‘En Route.’ His music is inspired by the French hiphop scene from the 90s, but also has influences from reggae and folk.

The legendary Typhoon named Tourist ‘the very best’ in the Dutch radioshow Giel. Typhoon: “His music is filled with love.” You can believe Typhoon by his word, or come see it for yourself.

We’re thrilled to have him tonight. Moments before his gig in the Melkweg, Tourist LeMC will take stage at the Strawberry Earth Fair at 20:30 in Cafe Roest Amsterdam. Which gives you three hours to practice the lyrics of Koning Liefde (the king of love).

‘Kan alleen moar geven
Wa 'k te bieden hem
Kan alleen moar zeggen
't Weinige da 'k weet
Ik heb zitten marchanderen
Moar met de liefde
Onderhandelde ni’

Tourist Lemc at the Strawberry Earth Fair
Saturday, 10 October 2015, 20:30 - 21:00
Amsterdam Roest