To the movies!


To the movies!

Just when you thought the Strawberry Earth Fair programme was complete, we have some news for you: you can go the movies on Saturday at 8PM. Amsterdam’s first city ecologist Martin Melchers will show his masterpiece about everything that crawls and creeps through our capital city: ‘Haring in het IJ’.

Martin Melchers was named Amsterdam’s first city ecologist in 1992. From that moment, Melchers has put a lot of time and effort in documenting nature in the city. He counted sparrows and natterjack toads, published books about all creatures he walks into and was accepted as a member of the Order of Orange-Nassau.

When he retired in 2009, Melchers made a documentary film with AT5 presenter Merel Westrik about the biotope Amsterdam. In one year they shot 160 hours of material. Birds for example. Lapwings, little ringed plovers and peregrines on top of an electric power plant. They also show a hare that made it to a shoe shop in the Kalverstraat and was released by Melchers himself in a safe, shoe free area.

We’re very proud to present ‘Haring in het IJ’ at the Strawberry Earth Fair on Saturday, 10 October and to have so many knowledge amongst us at 'Amsterdam Roest'.

'Haring in 't IJ' at the Strawberry Earth Fair
A documentary film by Martin Melchers and Merel Westrik
Saturday 10 October 2015, 20:00
Day tickets and passe-partouts include access to the film