Charlie + Mary's Fair schedule


Charlie + Mary's Fair schedule

Charlie + Mary can't wait for the Strawberry Earth Fair weekend to begin. They have already got their program ready. This is their schedule for Friday and Saturday:


4pm - Visit the L'Herbe Rouge stand at the Fair: We're looking forward to see our good friends from Paris at the fair. Yes! Arielle and Thibaud, the passionate people behind this gorgeous label will be present themselves.

5pm - Presentation of the Strawberry Earth Academy results: We've been looking forward to this one for a long time! We're very curious to hear how the 18 selected pioneers (amongst them three of the labels we represent: People tree, Studio JUX and L'Herbe Rouge, proud!) are going to shake up their industries?

9pm - Talkshow: 'The Future of Fashion': Two of our heroes, Safia Minney (Founder & director of 'People Tree') and Andrew Morgan (Director of 'The True Cost'), will be discussing what the future holds for fashion.


2pm - Shopping & Inspiration: We don't want to miss a thing so we'll be there as soon as the doors open to wander around at the fair a bit more to do some shopping and visit the Strawberry Earth Academy expo!

4pm - Knit our winter jumper. We look forward to produce our own warm and comfy jumper and learn some handicrafts on the side at the Makers Lab.

5pm - Quiz time with Maxim Hartman and Tim den Besten! We're a bit nervous but excited mostly as we will be one of the teams who's knowledge of nature's best kept secrets is tested.

9pm: Dance! A party organised by Strawberry Earth is a good party for sure. See you on the dance floor!

Image: L'Herbe Rouge