The Pod Sessions

It’s Wednesday, you’re halfway through the week and you could probably use some inspiration by now. We’re happy to introduce you to The Pod Sessions, an interview series wherein designers and thinkers share their thoughts on how their work influences our workspace environment and its culture. The video with independent architecture and design journalist Jeroen Junte had our attention straight away.

Junte: “Young designers have the urge to do good with design. They put a lot of effort in new materials. New materials offer ways to become more sustainable. Ways to innovate.” In their designs, he sees pragmatism is often combined with idealism. And efficiency with craftsmanship. “Imperfection make every product stand out. It gives a crafty look and feel.”

The Pod Sessions is an initiative of our Strawberry Earth Academy fellows of De Vorm. This Dutch office furniture brand creates products by the standards of design, like The Pod chairs. These are privacy chairs for breakout areas, made from PET Felt. They look incredibly good, plus they increase the sensation of privacy within a large or crowded space… like the Strawberry Earth Fair.

Yep, this Friday 9 October, at the Strawberry Earth Fair these Pod chairs will be on stage at the Strawberry Earth Fair. Andrea van Pol will host the ‘Future of Fashion’ talkshow with Safia Minney and Andrew Morgan, almost without them noticing our company. Expect a personal, intense and passionate talkshow, a live Pod Session, so to say.