Why Stone Paper rocks


Why Stone Paper rocks

Stone Paper! Nope, we’re not talking about a zero sum hand game. We’re introducing quite a material innovation here. Stone Paper, a product by Ecomediagroep and Ecodrukkers, is made without trees, bleach and water. Groundbreaking, huh?

Let’s compare Stone Paper with wood pulp paper. Stone Paper is fully made out of waste and recycled materials, while 1000 kilos of wood pulp paper require around 18 trees. Also, if we would choose 1000 kilos of Stone Paper over the same amount of wood pulp paper, we could save 2770 liters of water. An average person consumes just as much coffee, tea and water over a period of 50 months. FIFTY MONTHS, folks.

Speaking of water, Stone Paper is a waterproof material. Which means your business cards / flyers / posters are totally fine when you’re spreading them inside of a thunderstorm or when there happens to be an open bottle inside your suitcase. Gosh, if only socks could be made out of Stone Paper!

You might be wondering how this material of the future has been produced. Well, it’s made from mineral powder and resin. Non toxic, naturally. You could even burn Stone Paper without emitting chemicals, but what kind of person would set such a cool product on fire?

You get it. We’re pretty excited to introduce you to Stone Paper at the Strawberry Earth Fair. Just imagine all the waterproof stuff you can create together.