8 True Fashion hotspots


8 True Fashion hotspots

The search is over, friends. With the ‘Charlie+Mary True Fashion Shopping Map' you know exactly where to empty your bank account in Amsterdam. This guide takes you from one hotspot to another! Eight addresses to be exact.

Start in the Haarlemmerstraat, over at SUKHA Amsterdam. This cozy, yet stylish place is a beautiful setting for beautiful products: blankets, scarfs and sweaters from Dutch, Nepali or Indian origin.


In the same street you'll find Nukuhiva. The owners stock a great selection of L’Herbe Rouge, Armed Angels, Kuychi, Wunderwerk, People Tree and many more true fashion labels. You'll also find a wide selection for men.


A bit further down you'll reach Infnti, a really nice shop that offers a lot of yoga garments. They also stock some off-the-mat clothing by Wunderwerk and People Tree.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 17.09.23.png

Let's go to the Jordaan and visit LENA, the 'fashion library'. In this library you can always find new and stylish clothes to wear without having to buy them. The result? No piles of clothing in your wardrobe or in the garbage. Borrowing is simple: with a membership you can bring home whatever you like.


Time for a coffee break in the city centre at Peer! This amazing location in the middle of the red-light district gives artists and residents a place to work and exchange ideas over a good cup of coffee... and a slice of cake. Homemade of course!

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A stones throw away from Amsterdam’s famous and pretty Magere Brug (it's a skinny bridge, yo) you'll find the new location of Mhoom! This hairdresser / boutique is the place to be for unique true fashion labels, accessories and haircuts for both ladies and gents.


Geiten Wollen Winkel
Next stop is the “Geiten Wollen Winkel” on the Utrechtsestraat. The sisters behind this beautiful shop stock their own Geiten Wollen Shirts next to labels as L’Herbe Rouge, Wunderwerk and People tree. You'll also find a nice selection of brands that are exclusive in The Netherlands, like Kowtow and Groceries apparel.


Charlie + Mary
Last stop is our own concept store in the Pijp! Next to True fashion labels for men and women, you'll find a collection of shoes, accessories, unique gifts, books, organic deli products and stationary. Recently we even opened a new room for our kids collection. Yep, in vintage classroom style.