8 Things to do in our MakersLab


8 Things to do in our MakersLab

In a world where you can find plenty of DIY home improvement videos, everybodys a designer. The same goes for our MakersLab. In this laboratory were offering non-stop workshops. Well teach you how to knit an enormous blanket, prepare snacks out of worms and dye textiles with coffee grounds. You wont leave the building without something to take home. Make your momma proud!

Big Knitters by Alexashop
Are elephants capable of doing handicraft? Nope, these GIGANTO knitted blankets can be made by your two hands. Alexashop teaches you how to knit a bulky thing like this for yourself to get cosy in or to wrap your St. Bernard in.

Research, experiments, surprises and interaction. CRAFTING PLASTICS! is the place for all of this. By combining craft with technology and fast with slow production methods, we discover the most unknown field of bio plastics derived from plants.

Makers Lab by The Beach
Dye textiles with veggies and flowers! Yep, this is the ultimate chance to play with your food. The people of the Makers Lab By The Beach bring all equipment to make your wildest dreams come true. Ohhh, we always wanted an eggplant-coloured sweater.

Plant boutique Wildernis turns Amsterdam Roest into a jungle. They bring a whole bunch of green friends, together with their knowledge about all things botanical. Learn how to make your own sky planter. And get tips to keep your plants happy; or alive.

How to keep bees & prep moonshine
Get ready for two workshops: Imkerij Hortensius teaches you both about bees and cocktails made with honey. The first one shares some of the many things you need to know about bees and how to keep them. The second workshop is a home brewing course. Sweet likehoney.

Cooking with Bugzz
Foie de grasshopper, anybody? Together with the folks from Bugzz you will prep food from insects. Create sweets, snacks and burgers out of bugs, worms and other tiny creatures. Simply close your eyes whilst crunching and imagine all the protein inside. Yum!

Circular Textiles
Creative City Lab Wool² makes us aware of the mega piles of clothing we throw away. Clothing that could be used to produce new clothing. Wool is a material that is perfectly capable of transforming into another fashion piece. Visit our MakersLab for a knitting workshop by Creative City Lab and Warme Truiendag.

Design your own Strawberry Earth Fair gadgets out of festival garbage! In this workshop by Wastebeest you will use all the garbage thats been left behind and turn it into something fancy. Did you find garbage at our own festival site? (no shit!) Hand it in and win a crappy prize.

The Notebook
No, Ryan Gosling is not attending the Strawberry Earth Fair. BUT Amanda from Studio April, and Iris Schlagwein from SchoonSchip are present to teach you how to create a notebook out of leather couches. It might even become your personal guide to sustainability.