Win ‘Het Amsterdamse Beestenboek’


Win ‘Het Amsterdamse Beestenboek’

Yesterday was the book party (A.K.A. book safari) of ‘Het Amsterdamse Beestenboek’, a book that teaches us which sixty animals live between the pavements and inside the canals. Can Anneke Blokker, city ecologist and Very Berry Person #17, get a round of applause for writing such an awesome book about bats, seals and foxes? Yes friends, they live among us. Win this book and find out where.

Once you know where to look for, you’ll enter the unknown universe of these city dwellers. From that moment on, you’ll recognize the propellor like poo from a fox and the difference between a hare and a rabbit. With this book by your side, you’ll be the first to see a grass snake or red-eared slider in spring. All animals in the book are accompanied by photographs, maps and fun facts (the peregrine reaches over 340 kilometers per hour, it’s the fastest animal on planet E.)

Yep, Het Amsterdamse Beestenboek might come in handy on Saturday 10 October 2015, when 10 teams will participate in the Strawberry Earth Fair quiz about nature’s best kept secrets. The winning team gets a tour through Amsterdam with our berry own Anneke. Speaking of winning: you can get your hands on this book! Now what to do?

Answer the following question in a mail to hello[AT]…
How many insects does a bat catch each night?

Pssst: you might find the answer in a recent blog…