3 x How to relax


3 x How to relax

Unless you’re a talented yogi, humming along with birds, LIFE IS NERVE RACKING. Loosen up, earthlings, we got your backs. Literally. At the Strawberry Earth Fair on 9 and 10 October, we got someone to rub your torso, massage your eyelids and refresh your skin. Here’s what to expect in less then four weeks.

C. Cosmetics and Care
Get a delicious facial at C. Cosmetics and Care. With delicious, we truly mean delicious. Their products are 100% natural, edible even. Because if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. At the Strawberry Earth Fair, Cosmetics & Care also gives workshops. Find out what’s in your day cream and learn about natural skincare. Or not. Maybe your brain shut down after the facial.

We Like Massage
Doh. What's not to like about a massage?! It makes you feel relaxed and on top of the world. The revolutionary Barbara of We Like Massage rubs, kneads and stretches your muscles until you fall asleep / giggle with joy / are ready to put on your superhero cape again. FYI: it’s a chair massage. You can keep your clothes on. Relaxing thought, huh?

Amsterdams Spuitwater
Wait, before getting back to all hustle and bustle, STAY HYDRATED. With Amsterdams Spuitwater. This soda brand from Amsterdam is free from sugars, preservatives, sweeteners and coloring agents, is locally produced and… for sale. For every bottle sold, 10 cents go to our Strawberry Earth foundation. No sweat: we use this money to invest in biodiversity in and around our city.

Oh, did we mention the list of participating shops is complete? Yes, friends, we are happy and relieved and totally in need for a massage ourselves.