Very Berry People #17


Very Berry People #17

Amsterdam is buzzing. Honey bees, rabbits, even SEALS are inhabitants of our city. You only have to know where to find them. In coffee bar Berry we met up with city ecologist Anneke Blokker, who knows exactly what's going on between our pavements and… inside the canals. “Next to bike wrecks, Chinese mitten crabs can be found. In some restaurants you can get this crab on your plate - straight from the canals. The most adventurous aquarium of all."

Another surprise is the seal. “Last year, all spotlights were on a seal swimming next to theatre Carré." Clearly whoever thinks nature can't be found inside cities is wrong. “Amsterdam counts numerous animals. Must be because we have a mild climate, lots of water and don't spray poison. Animals can make themselves at home. That's why you can walk into a fox in the morning. I can't blame him: why hunt for rabbits if you can empty a garbage can?"

Supporting everything that creeps, swarms and hops around in your city is easy, even when you live inside a shoebox apartment. “Simply start a hotel on your balcony. You can run one for insects, butterflies or blue tits." It's nice to give something back, as some animals do a lot for you as well. “Did you know bats catch around 3000 insects each night? Because of these fellas one person suffers from 19000 LESS insects, mosquitos mostly, each year." Thanks Bruce Wayne & Co.

Hopefully all participants in 'De Grote Natuur Quiz' (The Big Nature Quiz, Saturday 10 October 2015 at the Strawberry Earth Fair) are paying close attention, because Anneke inspired us with LOTS of cool facts. The winning team might even go 'bat spotting' with Anneke. We kindly suggest to do some research in Anneke's guide 'Het Amsterdamse Beestenboek', that has just been released. In fact: the guide is a must for all city dwellers, as it contains 60 animals you can find around the corner.