Weltevree @ ITGWO


Weltevree @ ITGWO

Into the great wide blurry grassland. Nah, we're still having a little faith in the weather gods, things will work out just fine at Into The Great Wide Open this weekend. If not, we just put on our raincoats / ponchos / waxed G-zillion jackets and face the elements, because we simply can't miss out on Weltevree's beach garden.

This initiative will show how we can do things differently, by being 100% self-sufficient. Surrounded by sand shores (wind repellent!) and covered up by solar panels, the beach garden will be a temporary home to islanders, makers and festival goers. You can cool beers in Weltevree's Groundfridge, heat a meal in their wood ovens or spend some time in their hot tubs, where sea water is being warmed by salvaged wood.


Another tip: Welcome To Tomorrow. This Sunday programme questions how the future will look like in 5, 10, 50 and even 500 years. How will we work? What do new techniques mean for our society? How can we tackle global heating? Different speakers (publicist Bas Heijne, rapper Fresku, astronomer Lucas Ellerbroek, fashion designer Pauline van Dongen and Weltevree's Floris Schoonbeek) will shine a light on these topics.

There will be light. For sure.