Meeting the quizmasters


Meeting the quizmasters

Last year they let us sweat with their 'Yoga with Maxim and Tim' class, this year the guys are back at the Strawberry Earth Fair for different kind of biology class. On Saturday 10 October 2015, Maxim Hartman and Tim den Besten will host our quiz about the best kept secrets of nature. But who are they?

Maxim Hartman was 50% of Rembo & Rembo. In this tv show he taught us it's not okay to simply throw away garbage (unbelievable) and that's it's perfectly fine to talk about poo. Later on, Maxim released our inner dance moves in 'Lekker Dansen' and he explored the nature of men in 'Nog Meer Voor Mannen'. We couldn't imagine a more authentic creature to present our quiz.

In tv show Beestieboys, Tim den Besten investigates if dogs actually like cuddling, what it's like to live inside a guinea-pig village and what it means to be a superhorse with golden sperm. And Tim is currently starring in his own 'Truman Show' together with Nicolaas Veul.

De Grote Natuurquiz
Strawberry Earth Fair
Saturday 10 October 2015, 17:00 - 18:00
Amsterdam Roest