10 shoe labels


10 shoe labels

First we wanted to write down the lyrics of Paolo Nutini's most famous song, because there's almost nothing that tops the feeling of new shoes and how suddenly everything feels right. But, dear Paolo, there is something that makes us feel even better. New, sustainable shoes. For both girls and gents.

Born out of a desire for a new kind of fashion, French label Veja works with cooperatives of small producers and social associations in Brazil and France. Their sneaker collections are made of organic cotton, natural rubber and amazing technical fabrics such as recycled polyester and hemp. At the Strawberry Earth HQ the 'Holiday' model is very popular.


Brave GentleMan
Indulgent heroes, protectors, defenders, adventurers and men with lion hearts, this premium footwear brand is for you. Brave GentleMan is a high-end, sustainable and ethically made shoe label, that uses ‘future leather’, ‘future suede’ and ‘future wool’, which basically means all shoes are 100% cool to animals.


Plastic fantastic. Brazilian brand Melissa revolutionized plastic footwear in terms of style and technology. Using hypoallergenic and 100% recyclable PVC, they were included amongst the Design Museum's list of “Fifty Shoes That Changed the World". Oh, Melissa regularly teams up with another game changer: Vivienne Westwood. BFF's.


OAT Shoes
Shoes that bloom! OAT Shoes are 100% biodegradable sneakers. You can literally plant them in the ground. Flowers will grow from the seeds embedded in the tongue of the shoes. OAT Shoes use European-sourced, biodegradable materials and their shoes are assembled fairly in Bulgaria too, all employees receive a fair wage and work regular 8 hour days.


Good Guys
Attention all vegans: these leather free, faux-suede desert boots are all kinds of awesome. Shoe label Good Guys really lives up to its name. Their footwear is made fairly in Portugal with materials such as microfiber, canvas and natural rubber, resulting in a light, waterproof, durable and comfortable shoe we would like in all types and colours.


One for one! If you buy a pair of TOMS, a child in need receives one too. This way, you make several feet happy. The shoes contain recycled materials, natural fibers and organically grown components and are made in a way that minimizes negative impact on the planet we walk on. Doing good is really as easy as putting on a pair of shoes.


Keep is not just an ordinary shoe company. Keep is a maker of objects, a curator of curiosities, a way of being and many other things. Founded from the thought: what you choose to keep near you, defines you. So we suggest to keep their vegan and cruelty free shoes very close to you, let's say at your feet, and live a pretty good life.


Swedish Hasbeens
In The Netherlands we seem to have a thing with clogs. So you can imagine we fell head over heels in love with Swedish Hasbeens. These shoes are based on original 70s models and made of ecologically prepared natural grain leather, with production methods and materials that are kind to nature and people. Happy toffels make happy toffels, they say.


This brand, pronounced as 'shoe', stands for 'I see you'. The makers of SYOU seek for talent all over the world. Together they co-design top quality sneakers. These long lasting relationships with producers, illustrators and artists, result in fun and unique sneakers. We already have our eyes on this pair, because berries simply like berries.


Native Shoes
Greetings from Vancouver. Native Shoes are made from EVA, an odor-resistant material that is 100% vegan, BPA and phthalate free, and come in a shoebox made from 100% post consumer recycled materials. Also, Native Shoes are mono-material, which is a difficult word to say these shoes are a picnic to recycle.