10 Comfy and conscious hotels


10 Comfy and conscious hotels

Globetrotters. Voyagers. Persons with wanderlust. These are the places to spend a holiday, honeymoon or in-search-of-one-another-trip. Perfect getaways to relax, go on adventures or take Instagram pictures because these hotels simply look ah-mazing. All hotels are stylish and sustainable, comfy and conscious, welcoming and wonderful.

Hotel Azucar (Veracruz, Mexico)
Sweet! This small boutique hotel pays hommage to the sugarcane fields in Veracruz. Every palapa (bungalow) is named after a sugar mill. Inside, the beds and doorframes are made from driftwood collected at the beach after a flood. Outside the bungalows you can find a yoga space and a wide array of holistic spa services. Oh, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Hôtel Americano (New York, USA)
What used to be a parking garage, has been transformed into a 10-story boutique lodging, covered with art. Hôtel Americano is located in the heart of Chelsea's art gallery district and only offers three types of rooms, all are decorated with natural materials. You can use the hotel's bicycles too, to explore the city of dreams when you're awake.

HI Hotel (Nice, France)
A design and ecological hotel to live a contemporary experience. Design, because it looks ridiculously good and ecological because there's mineral organic paint on the hotel's facade, the restaurant serves organic food and recycled materials are used whenever possible. You've got it, monsieurs et madames. All is nice in Nice.

Conscious Hotels (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
We wish we were tourists in our own city. This hotel chain from Amsterdam receives five stars in the Strawberry Earth galaxy. All is a-okay. From the beds to the breakfast and champagne. Fun fact: the desks in their rooms are made out of recycled yoghurt pots, refrigerators and coffee cup holders. Conscious Hotels are more hip than hippie, but not too cool to answer the phone.

Lapa Rios (Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica)
Listed as one of only 24 National Geographic Unique Ecolodges of the World, Lapa Rios is a paradise for lovers of wildlife, nature and beaches. Their 17 private bungalows are located in Central America's last remaining tropical rainforest, home to 319 bird species. The hotel has won almost as many awards, including the sustainable standard-setters award.

Phophonyane Eco Lodge (Phophonyane, Swaziland)
This lodge in Swaziland, the autonomous kingdom embedded in South Africa, sits in 600 hectares of pristinely conserved forest and has been beautifully designed to fit around its surroundings. Not vice versa. They recycle waste by composting, cook with locally sourced products and use the sounds of waterfalls and monkeys to wake you in the morning.

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel (Nesjavellir, Iceland)
Beneath the Northern lights, luxury and adventure meet. ION combines modern design with rough landscapes. Farm-fresh ingredients with contemporary dishes. Chairs from recycled materials with water saving shower systems. Also in their tours, all elements come together. Volcano visits, glacier hikes or a trip in an eco super jeep. Whatever rocks your boat.

AnaYela (Marrakech, Morocco)
A Mecca of mystique. AnaYela, a three-room and two-suite city palace, is what you call “a place of inspiration". The boutique hotel was one of the first cultural sustainability projects in the middle of the medina in Marrakech. Around 100 artists restored the hotel by hand, without the use of electric tools. Yep, over here you find the magic of the medina.

Alila Ubud (Ubud, Bali)
This place has an infinity pool. An award winning infinity pool. Reason enough to go there. Next to swimming, it's a great place to relax. You can find Alila Ubud's eight Balinese villas, made from the finest natural, local materials, in a green valley covered in lush vegetation. An extra relaxing thought: all is made to preserve the Balinese landscape and agrarian culture

COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos (Serifos, Greece)
Serifos, where summer seems to keep forever, is ideal for swimming, hiking and jogging, but also for doing nothing inside a COCO-MAT bed. With full respect to the Cycladic landscape and the rules of bioclimatic architecture, the resort enables you to enjoy all comfort with a conscious mind. From bedding to breakfast: all is naturally good.

Photograph: Alila Ubud