The Future of Meat


The Future of Meat

Spaghetti with crickets, anybody? Eating insect meat is one of the scenarios video installation project The Future of Meat is investigating. The project showcases five different ways our future could unfold with regard to meat consumption. If you support the project, you'll receive a DVD with all scenarios on film. These are the scenarios:

Insect meat
Did you know 80% of the world population already eats insects? These protein packed buddies have a much lower carbon footprint and there are around 2000 edible species so plenty of choice every evening. If only we could overcome our gigantic issues with these little creatures.

Laboratory meat
How about a 3D-printed burger? We can print food in all shapes, sizes and colors, we can even add nutrients. Because more and more people don't know anymore where their food comes from, it doesn't really matter if it will be printed inside a laboratory.

Less and local
Imagine this: meat is only available in small portions. Farms and butchers are only producing meat for their own community or city quarter. It will be more expensive, so we will buy less. We'll have more rooftop or community gardens or raise chickens at home.

No meat
Vegans take over! Yep, in this scenario we all eat plant based food. Everyone will take in vitamin b12 supplements. Some will enjoy ready-made meat substitutes, others find their protein sources in other foods.

Doing nothing
If we sit back and keep on going the way we are now, the meat industry will become even more powerful. More nature will be destroyed en turned into cultivated land where soy is grown to feed animals. Eventually we will move out of the city because of the companies' power and its pollution. S.O.S!

Please note the Future of Meat doesn't want to tell you what to do or which scenario to choose. It's an inspiration to think about the potential future. And maybe choose a favourite and live towards it. If you're up for it!

Want more? Check out their official trailer here.