5 x plant stuff


5 x plant stuff

Vertical gardens, wall planters, origami vases. We listed five green products for our green friends.

Yes. It's a pot that grows with your plant. Inspired by the art of origami, Studio Ayaskan designed a pot that unfolds as the plant expands his roots, accommodating more soil and water step by step. Just like nature is able to grow, transform and unfold over time. Growth is currently in production and the designers are convinced it will be on the market in a few months.

Folded vase
More origami art. Pepe Heykoop designs vases and lampshades from recycled paper. These paper products are light and small enough to be transported by mail. You only need a not-so-pretty-bottle, put the design together, place it over the bottle and voila: your folded vase is ready for some flowers. And you just unleashed your inner origami artist.

We Smell The Rain
Craving for the great outdoors, We Smell The Rain started to design handcrafted greenery designed especially for the homes of city dwellers. From hanging plants to stylish pots, all products are made from locally sourced materials and come with simple instructions. Even the most novice green thumbs will be able to let their tiny apartments bloom.

Talking 'bout vertical gardens, huh? With these 600 x 600mm Greenwalls panels you can turn your entire wall into a garden. The panels are made from Norwegian reindeer moss: it's produced in a super sustainable way and fixes acoustic problems. You don't need to take any care of it, it's completely maintenance free.

Attention, people who are not good with plants. Let us introduce you to Pikaplant. Their products mimic nature to water your plants. Tableau for example, is their automatic house plant watering tray, a top 50 Kickstarter design project in Europe. And Jar is a plant you never have to water. AT ALL.

Photography by: We Smell The Rain