Volunteer SE Fair 2015


Volunteer SE Fair 2015

Are you good company and can you lend us a hand or two? Sounds like you can be part of our family. We're currently looking for volunteers who can assist us at the Strawberry Earth Fair on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 October 2015 in 'Amsterdam Roest'.

Are you a crafty person? Inseparable with scissors, paint and paper? We'd love to add you to our team of Strawberry Earth volunteers.

You could host our MakersLab! Or perhaps you would like to guard our Strawberry Earth Academy expo? Or build up the Fair (on Thursday October 8)? We need all kinds of people for all kinds of activities. Folks that can do anything and everything, please drop a line at volunteer@strawberryearth.com. We promise we'll take good care of you. You'll receive free access to the festival and of course we expect you shaking particular parts of your body on the dancefloor on Saturday evening 10 October!

Photography: Vadersempire