Top 25 Interior Design


Top 25 Interior Design

After listing our top 25 favourite fashion labels, we picked the same amount of interior design brands. Brands that turn Coca Cola bottles into stools. Design vertical gardens. Or create bedding products from horse hair. Yeehaw!

Hey look, a bench from Winterswijk. Our Strawberry Earth Academy fellows from Arco like to get everything from their neighbourhood. All wood used in their Local Wood collection come from trees close to their factory. To make sure the wood doesn't have to travel far, Arco teams up with a lumberyard around town. Yep, their furniture is locally made, but loved all over the world.

Atelier Sukha
Blankets, cushions, garlands… even a hammock! Interior shopping at Atelier Sukha is like strolling through some sort of paradise. All is bright and light. Maybe it's because of the natural materials they're using, like wool, linen and cotton. The products are knitted, sewed and crocheted in Nepal and India, in good labour conditions. Hallelujah!

Blom & Blom
Let there be light! Blom & Blom is about two brothers, who give abandoned items a new life. They collect, restore and redesign industrial lightning and furniture, in order to give these pieces a new existence. Chances are your brand new lamp came from a factory in East Germany, where it was left to perish. How cool is it to shine a new light on these products?

By Mölle
Who's waiting for you on bed? Maybe one of By Mölle's plaids or blankets. They're soft, big and ready to warm you up after a long summer night in the park or a cold winter's day. By Mölle once started out with a blanket made of undyed, local wool. Ever since, they've been designing homewear from natural materials, made to last. Season after season.

100% natural sleeping products from coco fiber, sea grass and horse hair. Since 1989 COCO-MAT has been leading the bedding business and decorated around 3000 hotel rooms. They've proven sustainability is not a hype, it's a way of life. Their products are handmade in Greece, where COCO-MAT has its origins. This explains their nature-lovin'-philosophy, huh?

David Derksen
In his designs, David Derksen tries to express the beauty of the material and the way it is produced. His copper lights for example are simply made by folding, a thin copper sheet can be used to construct stable forms. And Derksen's glassware collection is made out of glass tubes that are reshaped on lathes under extreme heat. Pure craftsmanship, available for your home.

David Graas
A guerrilla designer. David Graas fights the current industrial model in a peaceful way. Hacking the system that mass produces products that are the same everywhere, with no character and no durability, he proposes alternatives, such as the 3D printing label LAYERS. This label brings you 3d printed vases, lamps and bottles that stand out from the crowd.

De Vorm
From Coca Cola bottle to stool! De Vorm is setting today's standards with their interior products. This label designs products from long lasting, recyclable or unconventional materials, like the bottles from the most famous beverage. Their chairs, couches and tables are made to last, so prepare to grow old with your furniture and live a happily ever after.

Klaas Kuiken
We could call Klaas Kuiken an interior designer, but in his workspace he's more like an inventor or craftsman. These skills give him a different look on materials, techniques and production processes. His vases for example. Klaas took mass produced green glass bottles and hand blew them one by one into unique bottles. These vases are even beautiful without flowers.

Mae Engelgeer
We didn't know it was possible to fall in love with textiles. But we did. Mae Engelgeer designs the most beautiful textiles, rugs and wall elements. These colourful and eye catching products are like a piece of art in any interior. In her production processes, Mae is always collaborating with product developers and technical experts, which make us love her even more.

Mina Abouzahra
With her self-produced furniture, vintage design pieces that she reupholsters, and sustainable materials, Mina Abouzahra brings together the best of different worlds. Moroccan textiles meet Dutch design and authenticity meets functionality. Above all, Abouzahra creates an environment with a pleasant eclectic atmosphere that suits all scenarios of everyday life.

Two people, with a million ideas. One of them is the Loena Lantern. A light source with a graceful afterglow which lingers for up to eight hours once all the other lights have been turned off and the sun shines upon another hemisphere. With FSC-certified paper, screen-printed with an ink that charges itself throughout the day. And this is just one of Ontwerpduo's delightful products…

It's okay if you're not good with plants. That's why Pikaplant designs products that mimic nature to water your plants. Tableau for example, is their automatic house plant watering tray, a top 50 Kickstarter design project in Europe. And Jar is a plant you never have to water at all. However, they reduce stress, they make you more creative and make you more productive.

Retro Studio
Dive into the 20th century. Retro Studio is a store slash showroom close to Amsterdam, with a whole range of vintage furniture. Chairs, tables and lighting systems, but also mirrors, paintings and radio's. All items are true designer pieces and in a very good state. Are you ready to travel back to the fifties - eighties?

The Stadsplank (City Board) is made from Amsterdam trees. Each cutting board is engraved with the tree's exact location and species name in memory of the tree that this cutting board once was. Some boards come from Oud-Zuid, others from the Sarphatipark. So when you're finished dinner, you can go for a midnight stroll…

Studio Ineke van der Werff
When glass is being recycled, there's always rest gravel left. Studio Ineke van der Werff took this 'rest material' as the base for a brand new cup. At Salone del Mobile 2015, we discovered her collection of waste glass cups. In her work, Ineke is always finding ways to expose the beauty of the material itself. We think it's upcycling at it's best!

Studio Roex
The vases from Studio Roex are made from vegetable tanned leather and rubber. Not only their vases are sustainable, their entire collection is. You might know Studio Roex for their sharp constructions and strong lines. Transparent and clear objects that respect original materials, shapes and techniques. You're cordially invited to decorate your house with nature.

Studio Snowpuppe
If you've ever been to the Strawberry Earth headquarters, you might have witnessed our light bulbs by Studio Snowpuppe. These folded lamps are handmade in The Hague to warm homes across the globe. Paper filters the cold light of an energy saving light bulb into a cosy lamp, that shines a warm natural light. Also, these lambs are biodegradable, which warms our hearts.

Studio Sybrandy
The products of Studio Sybrandy make us bubble with joy. Her collection is an in-depth research about the soap bubble, incorporating its shape and technique as well as its symbolic meaning. The Bubblewrap for example, isolates you from the hustle and bustle and makes time stand still while Sybrandy's tea towels refer to the bubbles you're absorbing while drying the dishes.

The Home Project
The Home Project focuses on finding solutions with an origin, exploring cultural research as an approach to authentic, engaged, sustainable material culture. We're big fans of their exploration of the features and possibilities of cork as natural, eco-material for industrial design applications. They used this regenerating and recyclable material to create a lamp, vase, bowls and speakers!

Not only are the guys behind Waarmakers lighting up the world with their unstoppable energy, but also with their products. Ninebyfour is an archetypical tube light fixture made from salvaged wood from Amsterdam trees. On the side of the lamp you'll find the geographical coordinates of the tree-turned-lamp so you can find its roots!

Bathing time! Weltevree is well-known for the Dutchtub Original, a bathing tub that works very simple: wood fired and with a natural circulation. Because of this smart construction and the long-lasting materials you can use it anytime and anywhere. Next to this, Weltevree designs indoor and outdoor products that take care of people, planet and… pleasure.

Woolly Pocket
Who needs a balcony anyway? Woolly Pocket designs living wall planters that allow you to garden anywhere. With these green wall planters, you can create a vertical garden inside. They're like living paintings. Great company above the couch. And the best thing is: these planters are made from recycled plastics, like PET bottles. Cheers!

On stormy days we just wrap ourselves in Yumeko's bedding and bathrobes and wait for brighter days. Yumeko's soft cushions, towels and linen are made from natural materials with Fairtrade and Global Organic Textile Standard certifications. Yep, these products are not only made for your peace, but for everyones.

Hello master chefs! It's not about what you serve, but how you serve it. Present your meals on Zuperzozial's Raw Earth tableware set and everything will taste terrific. The plates and cups of this collection are 100% biodegradable and made of natural materials such as bamboo and corn. Its earthy looks and cheerful colours spice up every meal.

Please note composing this list wasn't a picnic. Because the list of forward thinking interior design labels is continuously growing, hurrah, it was quite hard to 'just' pick twenty five. Of course there are many other initiatives, such as online marketplaces ETSY, Crowdyhouse and Monoqi. This is just a selection, showing how easy it is to make sustainable choices.