Circular entrepreneurship in Rotterdam


Circular entrepreneurship in Rotterdam

Tropicana, where we once jumped around in the pool, is now offering a whole new kind of refreshment. The place will be named BlueCity010 and it's going to be a lab for circular entrepreneurship. One man's trash, will be another man's… furniture wax?! If you're an entrepreneur and looking for a laboratory / factory / office / shared space, you can contact

The former subtropical swimming pool will be home to 30 entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur is part of a circular ecosystem: one's leftovers will serve as another company's raw materials. Also the building will be a living example for the people of Rotterdam and surroundings: green walls, solar panel cells, a cooling system with water from the neighbouring river: De Maas.

How that's for a working spot? Currently the folks behind BlueCity010 are looking for people that want to be a part of their circular model. For example: a baker and beer brewery could share their yeast or a beekeeper could offer bee wax to a product designer. Oh my gosh, this is where all Christmas songs are about!

BlueCity010 is an initiative from RotterZwam. These guys are already growing your favorite pizza topping (mushrooms!) on the waste of coffee bar Aloha. You're cordially invited to join RotterZwam in Tropicana. Make some magic happen!