First names Strawberry Earth Fair '15


First names Strawberry Earth Fair '15

We could have named the Strawberry Earth Fair 'go bankrupt with a clear conscience' because boy o boy, these shops surely are worth every penny of your salary. Picture this. Around thirty shops in one space. Shops that combine ethics with aesthetics. Tees, prints, gadgets. Handmade often. We'll give you an introduction to all kinds of brands and initiatives on 9 and 10 October 2015. From a fashion library (share a sweater, folks) to some local makers from Etsy. All products come with a fair price, if that hurts your wallet a little less.

These shops are opening their imaginary doors:

Check out the Strawberry Earth Fair website for more information. More names and details about the programme coming soon!

Attend our Facebook event to stay on the pulse about new and exciting names, initiatives and other additions to the programme.

Illustration: Suzanne Lustig, Kop & Steert